The Book On Basic Skills

Use These Tools for a Better You

The Book On Basic Skills is a book that gives tools to help a person improve, teach, and give examples on how to perform easier. The book is broken down into 10 chapters. Each chapter explains in detail how to improve and master the technique that is given.

Chapter one talks about how to improve your reading skills. By using the tools, the person will improve their reading skills. Chapter two is on writing skills using different ways and techniques to help improve their writing skills. Chapter three is on communication. It is explained in several different ways to communicate. Chapter four deals with social skills. Improving or using the tools on social skills will prepare a person for interviews, and possibly getting a job. Chapter five talks about some ideals that a female should know and be aware of. Chapter six informs the male on how to improve the use of his hygiene and present himself publicly as a better person. Chapter seven gives detailed ways to perform domestic skills. How to pick up after yourself, how to place things back where you received them, how to possibly keep an area clean, how to get organized and how to be a better cleaner person. Chapter eight express the importance of your daily outward appearance. Chapter nine discussed the different ways to stay away from strangers. In this society strangers can harm, strangers can hurt, and strangers can do multiple things to an individual. The last chapter ten stresses how to continue daily staying happy.

All the chapters combined are to inform, transform, and train, any individual to be a better person. This book is a self-help tool that the author will love to have included in the school curriculum. The front and back cover of the book is colorful. There are some images inside of the book as a visual aid. The book is designed to create a comfortable atmosphere while reading, to make a great impression on the reader, and to change the reader to be a better person from the inside out. My hope is for all readers, of the book on basic skills to feel confident in themselves by using the tools in the book. I desire to have no one talked about, mistreated, used, or abused because they don’t know the basic life skills.

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About the Author

Deirdre Piper was born in Louisiana and was raised in Southern California. After enjoying every moment of public school, she majored in Business Administration in college and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration: Classical Management – Human Resource Administration from California State University, Dominquez Hills. She also attended National University, where she earned a Master of Science Degree in Educational Counseling.

Deirdre’s purpose is to help people do better in their life, in whatever way is most meaningful to them. Over the years, she has come across school-age students who have not learned basic life skills. As an author, Deirdre’s goal is to reach out to those who do not have these skills. Her new book, The Book on Basic Skills – Use These Tools for a Better You, brings that goal to fruition. Deirdre’s greatest pleasure comes from knowing that she has had an influence on someone’s life.

The Book On Basic Skills

Use These Tools for a Better You

Chapter 1 “How to Improve Your Reading Skills”

This chapter gives a step-by-step method for improving your reading skills.

Chapter 2 “Writing Skills”

This chapter divulges on what things to get that are needed to improve your writing.

Chapter 3 “Communication”

This chapter list the main parts of communication that help a person to better understand how to communicate.

Chapter 4 “Social skills”

This chapter explains how to develop social skills.

Chapter 5 “Females”

This chapter explains how the female maintains her hygiene daily.

Chapter 6 “Males”

This chapter is for males only, the importance of daily hygiene.

Chapter 7 “Domestic Skills”

This chapter reveals about the importance of learning domestic skills.

Chapter 8 “Hygiene”

This chapter explains the importance of maintaining daily hygiene.

Chapter 9 “Stay Away From Strangers”

This chapter explains the importance of and what to do if approached by a stranger.

Chapter 10 “Staying Happy”

This chapter is about the many ways to develop a healthy happy life.

The Book On Basic Skills

Use These Tools for a Better You

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